Gran Solar is responsible for the development of the Salinas and Tren Salinas plants with an estimated nominal output power of 2 MW and 999 KW respectively. The plants are located 5 km from the Salinas Urcuquí road in the province of Imbabura. The average irradiation in the in the area of influence is 5.1 kWh/m2/day.

Conolophus Project:

The Conolophus project was presented by Gransolar in September 2018 as a private initiative.

The project was promoted by the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources of Ecuador in March 2020, and through a Public Selection Process, Total Eren joined Gransolar in July 2020 to continue with the project. Five companies were vetted and shortlisted by the Government of Ecuador, and on September 8, 2021, Total Eren and Gransolar were officially awarded the project.

The microgrid plant will entails 4 components:

  • * (A 14.8 MWp) and the photovoltaic park will be placed on a former military air base on the island of Baltra.
  • * Two battery energy service systems (BESS), along with the solar farm, will generate 40.9 MWh on the islands of Baltra and Santa Cruz.
  • * A 44 km sub-transmission line interconnecting the islands of Baltra and Santa Cruz.
  • * A Microgrid Controller that will operate the dispatch of all power generation assets in the archipelago.

Today, 85% of the Galapagos Islands' electricity consumption depends on fossil fuels. The Conolophus project will increase the supply of renewable generated energy and will provide 70% of the total demand while reducing fuel imports and diesel consumption by approximately 1.6 million barrels per year.