Who we are

Gransolar is a Leading Ecuadorian company founded in 2012 by a visionary group of investors who believe in the need to generate renewable energy in the country. Since 2014 the company owns the largest solar plant in Ecuador.

Gransolar’s goal is to transforming Galapagos into a microgrid that will make the islands the most positively impacted by-renewable-energy territory in the world.

Why renewable energy?

Primary energies such as oil, coal, and natural gas are determined to run out. Moreover, their extraction is harmful to the environment. Therefore, in recent decades, the focus the environmental efforts have been focused on generating energy by alternative sources that are less polluting and inexhaustible.

Photovoltaic energy

Photovoltaic energy comes from the sun and is produced by transforming natural light into electricity. In order to make it happen, panels made of photovoltaic cells are required. Panels can be produced from various elements.

We have chosen silicon cells that can last up to 40 years without maintenance and are easy to acquire.

Sustainable Energy

Hundreds of nations around the world, to a greater or lesser extent, have initiated a technological change in favor of renewable energies.

Conventional electricity supply involves a high degree of pollution, unlike photovoltaic energy, which has the capacity to meet existing needs without compromising the resources of future generations.