About us

We are a solid group of investors who believe in the need of generating new projects of renewable energy in the country.
Gransolar S.A aims to develop, manage and implement projects for power generation through the photovoltaic energy.

¿Why renewable energy?

Primary sources of energy such as oil, coal and natural gas are certain to be exhausted. In addition, its removal is detrimental to the environment. Thus, in the last few decades the goal is to generate power with other sources that are less polluting and inexhaustible as the hydropower, solar and wind.

Photovoltaic energy

The photovoltaic energy comes from the sun and its foundation consists in transforming the natural light into electricity. To make this transformation happen, it is required of plates elaborated with photovoltaic cells. Panels can be made from several elements. In the case of our project, we chose silicon cells that can last up to 40 years without maintenance and are easy to acquire. In fact, 90% of all photovoltaic energy which is sold in the world comes from crystalline silicon cells, either monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous.
The silicon cells, semiconductor material, has the capacity to enhance an electric field. When the sunlight transgresses in photovoltaic cells, creates a circuit that can be captured as electricity.

Sustainable Energy

Hundreds of nations around the world, to a lesser or greater extent, have launched a technological shift towards renewable energy.
The conventional power involves a high degree of contamination, unlike photovoltaic energy that has the ability to meet existing needs without compromising the resources of future generations.
In Latin American countries, like Ecuador there is great potential Solar energy. Therefore, the photovoltaic power generation is a viable alternative, it can also provide certain populations that lack electricity. Access to this type of energy can improve their living conditions.